Tauw is also keeping a close eye on the Corona developments and has taken appropriate measures to fight against the spread of the virus. The health of people is of paramount importance in that respect. Contact us at

21 marzo 2020

Consultations, participatory meetings and presentations will have to take place online. In order to assist you with this, we have a number of digital tools available for various kinds of consultations and working methods. By making use of those tools, meetings and our consultancy work can continue to take place. Some of those tools are standard apps, while others are specific Tauw products.

We are making every effort for our customers to have meetings take place and to meet agreed deadlines. Your Tauw contact person can be contacted during normal business hours. The biggest change that we are making is that we will make more use of digital tools to cooperate with you and to carry out the agreements that have been made.

If you have any questions or concerns in response to this message or if we are able to provide you with additional assistance, please let us know by contacting your Tauw contact person.

This way, we are making every effort together to have your projects continue in as good a manner as possible during these extraordinary times.


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